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Large 18" Moon Shelf Wall Decor or Free Standing
Large 18" Moon Shelf Wall Decor or Free Standing
Large 18" Moon Shelf Wall Decor or Free Standing
Large 18" Moon Shelf Wall Decor or Free Standing
Large 18" Moon Shelf Wall Decor or Free Standing
Large 18" Moon Shelf Wall Decor or Free Standing

Large 18" Moon Shelf Wall Decor or Free Standing

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Wooden Crescent Moon shelf, great for displaying décor pieces, crystals and essential oils. Large 18” size. The shelf can be used stand alone on flat surface or hung on the wall. This moon shelf is 18" in diameter versus our original 11.25". We made the shelves deep enough that you can place larger items on, but not so deep that they take away from the overall aesthetic of the design. The space between shelves allows for succulents and larger crystals as well as essential oil bottles that are bigger than the typical essential oil bottles! Each moon has wood knots for a ‘moon crater’ effect. If you’d like a smooth, knot free moon, you can put that request in the order notes. This product is finished with no VOC chemicals, learn more below!

Available Colors:
Auburn Brown: This color picks up all the natural undertones of the pine wood and enhances a warm red undertone throughout. From different angles you will see various shades of dark brown, deep red, and ebony.

Light Blonde: This color is a neutral to warm tone that is slightly darker than an unfinished pine, and the pigments in our stain pick up the natural cool tones in the grain and warm tones in the rest of the wood, making it work well with all color palettes and decor styles.

No Stain: Natural light pine wood with no coating so you can get creative with staining or painting it yourself. Great for the DIY lovers!

Finish: Matte-Light Sheen. Natural wood wax coated. Long term, fuss free protection that blends with all aesthetics.

Height: 18”
Width: 19.5”
Depth: 5.25”

Space Height between shelves: 4.75”
Shelf Depth: 3.5”

Weight: 7lbs

Material: Premium solid Pine wood.

Easy mounting with 2 sawtooth hangers attached to the back.

About our proprietary, all natural, no VOC finishes:

This product is stained with our proprietary all-natural blend in two color options or unfinished. We are proud to use a process of oxidation to give the wood long lasting color payoff naturally, which enhances the wood grain and knots. This method gives a more rustic look, while our sanding and cutting keep the piece clean looking at the same time. Our finishing process is NO-VOC and all natural. We believe in this process because it maintains the integrity of the wood, it is better for our health and environment by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals, and it is eco-friendly in production.

The wood wax finish we use is a blend of food grade mineral oil, beeswax, vitamin E, lemon oil, and carnauba wax. The blend is non-toxic and VOC & cruelty free! The finish is long lasting and fuss free. Re-coats can be applied to reinvigorate the shine as with any other wood product.

‘Wood’nt it be nice if all products were this durable and conscious? : )

Keep in mind that all wood is unique and carries different wood grain patterns, so each piece has its own character traits.

Please contact me with any questions! Thank you so much for viewing our product and supporting small makers!