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About Us

Blue Sage is a small family based business in the heart of Rochester, NY within the Culver/Merchants neighborhood.  We are happy to provide you with uniquely designed and ethically sourced items that are meant to support your life, wellness, and creativity. We also have a beautiful, open studio space available for rent, accompanied by our refreshment bar that offers drinks and treats around studio sessions. See our Events page for more info. about renting our space!
Additionally, we are so excited to offer a collection of small batch, sustainably sourced and responsibly distilled essential oils. Our oils are made from all wildcrafted or indigenously cultivated plants. We test and bottle each oil in house, and use care to maintain a high energy frequency in our shop. We believe the more love we put into sourcing and bottling our oils, the more powerful and effective each oil will be.
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Located @ 1322 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14609

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